Hello, 25

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering why we had to wait four years for a new album. I am no longer 21 Adele; I am 25.

The drop of her new single, Hello, as everyone asking why did Adele take so long to give us this art? Was she mad at us? Maybe being a mom took up some of her time? Whatever the reason may be, fans wanted an answer.

Fans and music consumers constantly suffocate and smother artists to create more (I even do it myself). We want new music all the time. Once an artist ends a tour for a specific album, we expect the same cycle to repeat itself over and over again. Music, tour, music, tour, music, tour Рdeath.  There is a fine line between genuine fans and faux fans.

Faux fans feed off the music and only the music. They may not even know the artist’s actual name or care about their self being. These fans rely on the radio and media to expose them to an artist’s new music and controversies. Being a faux fan is not necessarily a bad thing. Your connection with an artist is based on solely sonics and that is fine.

Genuine fans understand that in order to create art, artist need to endure something. Artist need to have time to experience and express their emotions in an articulate way. Not every artist has a ghostwriter. Some artists actually right their own songs from their own experiences, unlike most of these Disney pop princess bitches.

Most people find themselves in each category with different types of artists. Just don’t call yourself a genuine fan, screaming from the other side demanding new music, new albums, or new content. I know you have asked a thousand times, but art takes time to create — music takes seconds.